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DV Stakeholder Meeting Minutes

Stakeholder Meeting Summary June 2018

QLS Advocacy regarding Civil Litigation E Filing

QLS Request for Infomation and Submissions

Call for Submissions re Titles Office Hours

Letter from Titles Office re Hours

Good afternoon colleagues,

I am the current Vice President of the Downs & South Western Queensland Law Association.

I have been asked by our Association to look into – and possibly resist – the so-called “compression” of lodgement hours at our local titles office lodgement centre.

In the first instance I wrote to the Department to seek an explanation for the changed hours, and I received the attached letter in reply.

I thought I would reach out to each of you in your respective capacities as presidents of associations affected by the changes (given the locations of the various affected titles offices) to see whether your members might be at all aggrieved/annoyed/inconvenienced by the changes? If it is going to be a problem across the several regions, then it might be worth formulating a group approach to the issue, and probably involving the QLS. On that front, Wendy Devine of QLS Advocacy has indicated to me that the QLS would be happy to look into the issue if it is a problem for the profession in our respective regions.

I’d be grateful if you could please let me know in the first instance whether it is an issue for your respective members or not.

Kind regards,

Adrian Hallewell Principal

P: 07 4638 1455 Ɩ M: 0417 255 256

Hallewell Law Disputes & Litigation

Foreign Resident CGT Changes

QLS Letter re Foreign Resident CGT Changes

Recent Trust Accounting CHANGES!

Amendments to Prescribed Deposit Account

Recent amendments to the Legal Profession Act include the abolition of the requirement for law practice to maintain a Department of Justice and Attorney-General Prescribed Deposit Account.

The amendment took effect from 1 January 2017.

The QLS has requested that Law Practices which currently hold funds in the Prescribed Deposit Account draw back all funds to the trust bank account and make arrangements to close the Prescribed Deposit Account with the trust banker.

Law practices will not be required to make any further deposits to the Department of Justice and Attorney-General Prescribed Deposit Account pursuant to section 74(3) of the LPR after 2 December 2016.

Please contact the QLS Trust Account Investigation Team on 3842 5908 or via email if you have any questions in relation to the above.

No More Cheques Please!

From 1 March 2017 the Family Court and Federal Circuit Court will no longer accept cheque (and money order) payments.

See the Federal Circuit Court Website for more information on ways to pay.

If you want to make EFT Payments from Trust … see the QLS Guidelines document via this link  QLS EFT Guidelines for Trust Accounting


Queensland Law Handbook

SunCoast Community Legal Service Online Resource Bank

The Supreme Court Virtual Legal Library is an online legal resource available to Sole and Micro (less than 5 Practicing Certificates) Practices.  Contact the Supreme Court Library if you do not have a log in and password.

Otherwise, access click here to access the Supreme Court Virtual Legal Library


Mindfulness tools – download the app and train your mind via  Headspace

Happy Lawyer Happy Life – the podcast.

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